Hi, my name is Victor. I'm an author, writer and blogger

This is my personal website where you can get information about me and my latest work. You can follow the progress of my upcoming book, or read my latest blog post.

My Work

Tech Blogging

I run a tech blog called Itechguides.com. This site helps readers make the best of tech. We write how-to guides, gadget reviews, and guides that explain tech terms.

Writing Books

My books focus on making you a better person. I do this using anecdotes, analyzing available studies and showing practical ways you can use the information to your benefit. I also share my experience. 

Personal Blogging

I write about my books and show you ways you can further apply knowledge gained from my books to improve your personal life. I also write about personal health – supported by my personal experience and available evidences. 

About Me

I started my career in 2001 working as an IT support engineer. After 16 years, I decided to quit 9 to 5 for good. 

By the time I quit my job I had a viable Amazon business but that quickly changed when Amazon changed the rules. When I closed down the Amazon business, I decided to put my IT experience to use. 

This led to the launch of Itechguides.com, in April 2019. I still run Itechguides.com and it is doing well. The site now has multiple writers and its user base is growing monthly. 

Apart from tech, I have always felt that I have other things to contribute. One way to make additional contribution is to write books.

In the course of my IT career I have authored some IT books. However, I wanted to write on personal development and effectiveness. 

With that said, as I get older, I started thinking that it is time to launch my non-IT book writing career. This is how my first book idea was born! 

I have just completed the volume 1 of 10 of my first book Think Of Death, And Suddenly Everything Else Is Dwarfed. Before you get alarmed, Think Of Death is not some scary book about death.

Rather, in the book I use anecdotes and available studies to help you improve your effectiveness by accepting that death is inevitable. Think Of Death helps you focus on the most important things, thereby making you effective and ultimately successful. 

I have just completed Volume 1 of Think Of Death which is about Family and Relationships

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Contact Me

Do you have a question for me or want to learn more about my books? Email Victor@VictorAshiedu.com